The Bone Rap Dance Party

Classroom Calisthenics Video Series 3

The hit track “The Bone Rap” from the live rock and roll nutrition show, Jump with Jill, is now a video series that presents the dance moves in levels to allow mastery of the moves. The song and video bring the benefits of dairy to life in true hip hop fashion. The nightclub experience has been flipped to celebrate milk by his rapper name, Calcium, and his bone building crew of cheese and yogurt – the staff dresses as cows who serve up low fat dairy products and the VIP room is reserved for those who get down with healthy bones.

The series was made available on DVD to 2,500 Michigan schools in the spring of 2013 and is available for free online to all thanks to the generosity of the Michigan Dairy Farmers and Processors and United Dairy Industry of Michigan. Use this danceable music video incorporate movement breaks between coursework or as an alternative physical education class, create a culminating event, or film a flashmob. Any way you dance it, you’ll remember that low fat dairy has Calcium. Uh!

Get the Core Standards for this Activity

Mastered the dance and need the audio track to make a video of your own? 

Download it for FREE here. Right click on the image below and “Download Linked File” or “Download Linked File As”. Clicking on the icon will only stream it.

Free Download Jump with Jill The Bone Rap

Order on DVD

We currently have four videos in the series: “The Beat of the Body,” “Nature’s Candy,” “The Bone Rap,” and “Get Me Goin’.” If you’d like to bring these videos to your school on DVD, contact our business manager Mark Jayne for our bulk rate pricing. We recommend one DVD per classroom.